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We have been working to set up a space to improve the quality of life of all tournament hosts across the board. This discord server aims to include all the tools and guides necessary to proper hosting in one easy to access place, and allow hosts from disparate corners of this website to come together and ask each other for advice in any situation that requires it.

Consider joining this server if you fit any of the following descriptions:
- You are a community leader looking for hosts willing to take one of your tournaments - circuits and unofficials alike
- You are a host looking for someone willing to help with replay collection, usage stats, spreadsheet maintenance, and the likes
- You are a newer host looking for a place that will help you through contentious situations and decisions
- You are a veteran host looking to help out the above category
- You are interested in getting into hosting, but don't know where to start
- You would appreciate a centralized list of hosting resources to reference whenever you need
- You are an artist happy to make logos for social media / OPs of various tournaments
- You want to share one more server with me (this is the best reason)

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